What Satisfies the Soul?

I come to the end of this season of fasting.  Earlier in the year I was greatly impacted by a testimony that George Wood shared about the founding of the Assemblies of God churches in Springfield, Missouri.  Amanda Benedict was one of the early participants in the Pentecostal movement. Though she was already 60 years old, and had served the Lord with distinction in rescue home for girls in Chicago, when she arrived in Springfield she set her heart upon receiving the Holy Spirit and being a part of a world-wide revival.  She decided to pray and fasting for one year, eating only bread and water.

I was confronted by the dedication and the faith of her life.   I have been a part of some great revivals in Russia and China.  I have seen years when the Lord moved powerfully to save, heal and deliver.  All of it has come through prayer and fasting.  Yet now we face different challenges.  How do I see revival in our region of the country?  Who will pay the spiritual price to bring that revival.  I sometimes thought that when the Pentecostal movement began that they had extended prayer times because God was always working.  That the Holy Spirit’s work was so strong that “He just did whatever He wanted”. 

 But the truth is, that God works through human vessels.  We have to pray and fast to see revival.  I still believe that the answer for the problems of America is a nation wide revival, a return to God and to His church.  We won’t see that revival unless someone is willing to pray and fast.  That’s the way Pentecost came the first time in Acts 2 and the second time in the early 1900s.  So I am praying and fasting.

There is also the truth that God has opened a door for us to impact Mongolia.  I sense in my spirit that Mongolia is ripe for a move of God’s Holy Spirit.  Twenty plus years ago the church was born in revival.  They saw multiple hearings and God delivered men and women of addictions and many miracles occurred in those early days.  For the past few years the church has been stagnant.  The river of God which flowed with such force twenty years ago has become a pond covered in algae.  They are longing for the river to flow again.  

So I believe that the Lord has led me into this season of fasting to effective both the local and the international church.  I believe that Jesus is coming again so what we do for him we must do now.  Let us not invest in lavish buildings or political systems.   Let’s us invest and dedicate ourselves to the task at hand.  The completion of the harvest.    The disciples were not with Jesus while he talked with the woman at the well in John 4.  Eventually an entire city would be effected any the woman’s testimony.  The Messiah has come to Samaria! Later when the disciples arrive they are worried about Jesus.  They know its been a long time since he ate and so they urge him to eat something.  He responded, “I have a kind of food you know nothing about.” (John 4:32)  I understand.  Being a part of the moving of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives is more satisfying than eating.   The Holy Spirit satisfies the soul and the spirit, the deepest part of ourselves.

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