Changed Not/Changes Not!

What do you do when your situation does not change? You pray, seek the Lord, call for prayer, and still, you “change not.”
In the gospel of Mark, the Woman with the issue of blood can tell you what to do, for she suffered 12 years with this constant infirmity. She spent all she had on doctors and tried everything she knew, and still, she “changed not” for the good. She opened her eyes in the morning, “changed not.” The noonday, “changed not.” At the closing of the day, “changed not.”
But today was different because Mark 5: 27 says “When she heard about Jesus…….
Well, we may wonder how she heard and what did she hear, for she was isolated from everyone due to her ritual impurity. Could it be she heard her neighbors talking through the open widow as she sat down for a moment of strength after household chores? Or did she see and hear a crowd going by her house on the way to the lake to see if Jesus was there? I do not know, but we do know that she heard about Jesus. What have you heard about Jesus? Do you have ears to hear?
I wonder did she hear Luke shout, (Luke 5: 17 b)….”the Lord’s healing power is strongly with Jesus!” Or a nicely dressed man once demon-possessed tormented by a legion of demons, testifying that he was a cutter, once constrained with mental chains, shouting and praising Jesus shackle free, while pigs float in the water. (Mark 5:15 b) She may have heard the man, once a leper telling how he knelt down in front of Jesus as “unclean“ and stood up “ Clean” (Mark 1:40-42) or the once paralyzed man telling how he came down through the roof by faith-filled friends walking out the front door with forgiveness and healing. (Mark 2:10) I wonder if she heard the cry of a man reaching high in praise to Jesus with an out stretch hand once deformed? (Mark 3:1-5) Could it be just hearing the name “Jesus” caused faith to rise?
Well, Faith did arise! For though there was a risk being in public and especially forbidden to even touch a “holy man” she pressed in. Was she weak and weary from the struggle? Yes, but nothing was going to keep her away from Jesus. The crowd was huge that day, people pressing Jesus from all sides. I believe she said, I must touch Jesus! He is my answer!
Well, the rest of the story is, the “Changed Not heard,” push through the “throng” (the choking crowd), and with the tip of her mustard seed faith, she touched the hem of the garment of “The Changes Not.” (Mark 5:27) Declaring, “the One who is the same yesterday and today and forever sees me, the Changed One! (Hebrews 13:8)
Need a Change? Did you hear? Then push through, by faith!