Prayer for Greater Things

Jesus was talking to his disciples about the future when he made the statement in John 14:12, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”  This year we are believing God for “Greater Things”.  In January we have fasted and prayed for 21 days.  Many people accepted the “Daniel Fast” of eating no meat and no sweets, or some other version.  The testimonies are encouraging.  One person talked of how God has revealed his purpose in her life.  Another spoke of how God was confirming a call in ministry.  One person had a breakthrough in her work conditions.  One husband has  begun to seek God’s presence in his life.  God is moving.
As we go forward let’s not forget what the Lord has revealed to us.  We cannot overcome doubt without filling our mind with the Word of God.  He has written to us, letters and instructions that we must follow if we are to be overcomers. We are no different from the Biblical characters.  We have the same plans and dreams, and weaknesses.  If God could work through them he can work through us.  
Secondly we must persevere in our prayers and in the midst of our circumstances.  Endurance or perseverance shows itself in the number of times we make our requests to God (Luke 18:1ff) as well as how we faithfully live our lives in spite of difficulties and disappointments. Naomi of the Old Testament story of Ruth lived in some very difficult times.  She endured a famine, the loss of her family’s home, the death of her husband and finally the death of her two sons.  I am sure she wanted to give up on life.  But she maintained her faith, and when the Lord began to move in her life and in the life of her daughter in law Ruth she knew exactly what to do.  
Thirdly God meets us where we are, in the brokenness of our lives.  We cannot spend all of our time focused upon the problem we have to move towards God and meet him in our circumstance.  He will answer us. Too often we are hesitant to pray passionately.  We are afraid of what others will think or say.  We should expect that prayer will sometimes be passionate-filled with tears or shouting or brokenness.  There is a reason we talk of “breakthroughs” in prayer.  These are the times in which we overcome the opinions of others in order to be in the presence of God.  
Finally I would remind you of obedience to God.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, faced a dilemma.  She is young and still a virgin, yet the angel Gabriel has said that she would have a son.  She may disregard these words as foolish thinking.  She may rebel against these words because they don’t fit into her life dreams.  Or she could accept the Word of the Lord as truth.  She submitted to the Lord’s prophecy and bore the Messiah.  Though it did not come without struggle and hardship, her obedience is critical to the salvation of the world.  Truly she is highly favored above all women.
I challenge you to make this a year of “Believing For Greater Things” in 2016