Come Share With Me

I call this Devotional, “Come Share With Me.” These 4 words, came tenderly to my ears just weeks ago. I, a senior aged Sunday School teacher, was invited by my little curly blond hair, blue-eyed 3 year old student to come sit down at his little table and share his snack with him. So, as he patted the seat next to him, I bent down and squeezed as best that I could on the edge of the toddler picnic table. Although my attention should have been on, would this toddler table hold me, or how would I ever get up, I took one of his little donuts and scooted near, with both of us giving thanks. Being so touched by his tender child-like heart of faith that I would join him, I instantly responded. It was then that I thought, this is what my Jesus does. He tenderly bids us to come, patting the seat next to Him. He desires for us to come with the faith of a child to draw near and sup with Him.

What about you, have you been to that special place? It’s a holy place you know. It’s a constant place of intimate fellowship of the deepest love ever known. The Savior of the world bids you to come and share with Him every need of your life so that you would grow deeper in trust and Love, as you seek His face.

If you haven’t been there, the offer is still at the table. Kind David has heard the Lord’s invitation many times.  Psalm 27:8  says My heart has heard you say, Come and talk with me. ”And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” David, a man after God’s own heart is longing for the Lord’s presence, for he knows it’s in the constant coming that causes his heart to respond yes. Yes because He knows where his help comes from at all times and in all situations. Psalm 121:2 says My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

When you come, you don’t have to have your attention on “will my burdens be too much for Him to hold, or what happens if I bear it all, can I really trust Him with all of me heart enough to leave them with Him to take care of, “ because No-one loves you more and no one knows you more than He does.

Would you Come and Share?