Greater Things

Recently my husband and I met a young Hispanic couple at the end of our dead-end street where we often walk. The couple had a little girl and a baby on the way! We waved a few times wondering if they could even understand us if we spoke.  A few weeks went by, and we noticed as we drove to the end of the road to turn around that she was holding her newborn baby. We were compelled to go to the store and get a small gift for the baby and a doll for the little girl. We dropped the gifts off at the house a few days later finding only the father at home. He was very receptive, spoke a little English, and said his wife would bring the baby down to meet us soon. A few weeks later we heard a knock at the door and there was the mom, her daughter, and their new baby girl. We had a good visit, she was so thankful for the gift, and she shared many, many, burdens with us as we played ball with the little girl who would laugh and only say “pssst” to get our attention. We listened intently and just kept speaking life. We then invited them to our church but had no response from her. With the Tennessee extreme hot weather, we ceased walking outside.  So, I had asked the Lord to put her in my path again if I was to minister in any way. 

Soon I saw her at the store where she immediately shared her burdens first thing. I just listened and told her we would pray. I also found out her mom has been a believer for years. Then soon we both ran into her at the store again, this time she thanked us for praying. 

Will I see her again? I don’t know, but I believe this was God ordained. Many times, we look to do “Great Things.” Maybe it’s to have a great pulpit ministry, great evangelist meetings, starting a church plant, to have great followings with YouTube, Instagram, or maybe even to move to another country to serve in a much-needed difficult place. I wonder if we are looking over the horizon to see “Great Things” while missing the “Greater Things” right in our path. 

In the religious world’s eyes, listening to the burdens of a stranger or a brother and sister in Christ may be small, but to Jesus this small seed is Greater. It is doing the work of the ministry. It may be just a small seed planted in our eyes where someone else may water. Jesus said in (John 14:12) that He was going away but He would send the Holy Spirt to lead us to do “Greater Things” “12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” These works are greater in magnitude because Jesus sits in heavenly places at the Father’s right hand and you, and I are seated with Him spiritually. But on this earth, we are the vessels He uses for His glory. If there are Holy Spirit led areas where you are ministering, then do not stop. If you are not sure where you are looking is “Greater Things“, then let the Holy Spirit check your motives. 

What small thing are you doing that is GREATER? Is it checking on a neighbor, calling on a grieving widow, speaking life into a depressed youth, praying with a sick co-worker, or falling to your knees for the broken? Whatever it is, be Spirit-led, knowing that He is with you always, even to the end of the age! 

By Deann Dolan