My Israel Vacation


In July I was blessed to be able to vacation in Israel. I had an airline ticket that I had to use before July 23 and so after attempting to go other places, I decided to go to Israel. This would be my third trip to Israel, but the first trip overseas where I did not have ministry. I simply rested. Prayed. Read. Walked. Sat on the Beach. I did tour Masada (the picture is a view from the top of the mountain) and float in the Dead Sea, but that was the only activity that I planned. I was blessed and renewed.

The ticket that I used was one previously planned for China. Last year I planned a ministry trip to southern China, but was unable to secure a visa to enter the country. Unless God miraculously intervenes I have made my last trip to China. Those words are so difficult to type. I have carried this sadness for the past year. So I believe that God blessed me this year with a trip to Israel. My shepherd leads me beside the still waters-He restores my soul.

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