The Flowing of the River-Report of Revival in Far East

I received an email from friends overseas this week further reporting on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Far East. They report that during a three day conference nearly 300 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. These had never been taught about the Holy Spirit, of spiritual gifts and definitely had not heard of speaking in other tongues. Yet they received immediately the teaching and the Spirit came upon them. Praise be to the Lord!


Word also came to us that the spread of the revival is not limited to the times we “foreigners” are in the country. The meetings we sponsor are meetings for the leaders of the church. Other may attend, but all the planning and ministry is geared towards the pastor and key leadership. These men and women have taken what they receive at the conferences and share it with there congregations. The results are that revival and the reception of the Holy Spirit is spreading through out the country. Every church is being affected. More and more people are receiving the Holy Spirit and God is moving in great power.

I strongly believe that this is a sovereign work of God. The church in the US has experienced revival here where the leaders of the revival say, “Come to us and receive.” They imply that if someone is unable to come to the services then they will miss out on what God is doing. The message of the New Testament is “Go and Share”. Jesus sent men and women into all the earth to share what they had received from him. This Holy Spirit is not restricted to one person or one place. What we have were are able to share with those who so desire to receive. Those coming to our conferences are being filled with the Spirit. They are taking what they receive and are transforming the local church. This is the New Testament pattern and this is what is taking place today in the Far East.

Another reason the revival is spreading is the testimonies of those who have been healed. We witnessed the dramatic healing of the lame, those paralyzed by strokes, and even restorative miracles of internal organs. A women in attendance at the conference came forward for prayer. We generally don’t ask the nature of the illness unless by the Spirit. So we merely prayed for her and then moved to the next person. One month later we returned to the region and she testified to us that previously she had surgery to remove a diseased bladder. The surgeons had crafted a bladder for her, but it was not working properly. After we prayed for her she was healed. Her body functioned normally, without any problems. Testimonies such as this help to spread the word that God is pouring out his Spirit. Rejoice with us that the Lord has sent revival to the Far East.

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